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Sam Carter Ficathon Master List

amilyn wrote "Reaching Past the Sky" for majorsamfan
amilyn** wrote "With Great Power" for deejay435
amitee wrote "In Between Days" for Lilly
annerbhp wrote "Reckless" for shutthef_up
audrich wrote "A Regular Day at the Office" for elly427
aurora_novarum wrote "Az'heni" for seldear
becky_monster wrote "Broken Stones" for aurora_novarum
brandifer wrote "Knee Deep" for annerbhp
raisintorte wrote "Hot for Teacher" for audrich
ctorres wrote "Loose Leaf Gridiron" for inyron
deejay435 wrote "Overcoming" for geonncannon
elly427 wrote "At Sea" for splash_the_cat
geonncannon** wrote "Stretched Chains" for becky_monster
geonncannon wrote "The Weakest Link" for moonshayde
gunhilda wrote "Operation Montezuma" for scarimor
havocthecat wrote "Hive Virus" for sharim
heidiweidel wrote "It Tolls for Thee" for lccb
kellifer_fic wrote "Coercion" for settiai
lyore wrote "Enough for Now" for brandifer
lyssie wrote "Another Day, Another Scar" for mini_geek
majorsamfan wrote "Thinking Outside the Box" for havocthecat
mandy90sg1 wrote "Fortitude" for amitee
moonshayde wrote "By Her Judgment" for kellifer_fic
nandamai wrote "Creak" for lyssie
partly wrote "A Sure Thing" for regan_x
poohmusings wrote "Feet Upon the Snow" for surreallis
regan_x wrote "Left Behind" for Ginalynn71
rolleson wrote "Back and Forth" for tarimanveri
scarimor wrote "Barbarian" for siggy63
seldear wrote "No Bodycount" for skydiver119
settiai wrote "The Scientific Method" for nandamai
shutthef_up wrote "Journey" for zorb
siggy63 wrote "Arachne's Chase" for 6beforelunch
skydiver119 wrote "Just Another Day at the Office" for partly
skydiver119** wrote "One Fine Day" for rolleson
splash_the_cat** wrote "And You Peacemakers Go to the Same Place as Soldiers" for amilyn
splash_the_cat wrote "But It's a Good Refrain" for raisintorte
splash_the_cat** wrote "Never Fully Dressed without a Smile" for tjh102
surreallis wrote "No Creeds for Mathematics" for poohmusings
tarimanveri** wrote "As Canon Sees It" for ctorres
tarimanveri wrote "A Dangerous Business" for lyore
tjh102 wrote "Impenetrable" for mandy90sg1
tjh102** wrote "Land of the Setting Sun" for gunhilda
zorb wrote "The Trouble With..." for heidiweidel

** Backup writer

We'll be adding authors' names to the posts throughout the day.

Many thanks to all the writers, beta readers, and (very speedy!) backup writers for making this a great ficathon. You may now post your stories anywhere you like. Please feel free to link back to samcarterfic and spread the Sam love.
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